Hello there. To make sure you're not banned from the wiki, we have added the rules of the wiki on this page. It is your responsibility to follow these rules and any breaking of the rules will be punished by the action provided below.

General Rules

  • You must be 13 or over to do anything on the wiki. If you are under 13 and do anything other than look at the wiki itself, you will be banned until your 13th birthday
  • Be Respectful to the Community. Swearing is prohibited, treat people how you would like to be treated. The punishment of this rule depends on the severity
  • Do not spam pages, forum posts or chat, this ranges from using the same word several times in a sentence or paragraph, to spamming a page with just one word or letter. The punishment can range from a message from staff to a full out ban.

Rules of Making a Page

  • Write the title of a page beginning with the achievement name then in brackets the name of the achievement (eg: Taking Inventory (Minecraft)).
  • Unless the page is of an "Easy" Achievement write the page in 3 sections, Achievement Name, Strategy and Trivia (if there is any trivia about it).
  • If your making a page, always add the category 'Achievements'
    • Other achievements include 'Easy Achievements', 'Hard Achievements', 'Impossible Achievements', and many categories for video game types
  • Do not make a page asking for a strategy on an achievement, if you can't find a good strategy on the main site, ask on the forums, just read the Forum Rules.

Rules of the Forums

  • If your going to make a forum post, make sure it doesn't already exist by searching similar terms, or it will be deleted with a link to the forum post answering the question
  • When commenting on a forum post do not state any 'obvious' mistakes in a rude . Not everyone is as smart as you.

Rules of Chat

  • Do not spam chat, it makes it hard for others to see messages on chat. Door Spamming is less distracting, but is treated with the same punishments
  • Do not abuse Emoji's
  • Do not write any hateful comments towards other users
  • Do not swear on chat
  • Do not overuse abbreviations (saying stuff like k and gtg are okay, just don't overuse them)
  • Do not send download links on chat, unless its related to the topic